Here at the House of Courtesan, we are on a mission. Through photography, energy work, community and education we are helping women to step confidently into a life they never imagined possible.

A Courtesan is a woman who dreams big and digs deep. She has taken control of her life no matter the adversity she faces, to get what she wants in life. Decadence, luxury, freedom, choice and wealth.

She doesn't apologize for her desires, how she chooses to have sex, express her sexuality, the way she dresses and her choice of career. She is always educating herself and immersed in the moment and new experiences.

We want to be apart of that journey with you, creating a community of women who's passions are to raise up those around them and celebrate the wins, be there for the losses and support them through the grief. 

My name is Delain and I am so happy that you are here right now, because the world needs you and your gifts! No more hiding.

Our photography is inspired by women, brave and daring women who desire to have themselves captured in beautiful, sensual and spiritual ways. Giving you the freedom to be expressive in whichever way you desire.

Tarot is an amazing tool for connecting to your higher self, to find clarity and direction. Using the cards and intuition, you can get guidance on your path. Tarot is not for predicting the future or telling you what to do. You remain in control, and decide how you want to interpret the guidance.


We are a community of women on a mission to raise each other up. Through photography, tarot, spiritual journeys and experts in various fields nothing is off the table. We talk about sex, spirituality, relationships and being free to express yourself how you want. Join us as we walk this journey together and learn from each other.

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