I never felt beautiful.  
I spent years believing I wasn't beautiful, believing i wasn't good enough. Believing that I couldn't have more because I wasn't more, I was just an average girl from small town saskatchewan. Don't bother dreaming big it probably won't work out anyway!
This has crippled me, sent me to the couch with a bag of chips....for days.  I would think about those people who told me how I should be acting, what I should and shouldn't be doing, you are a WOMAN Delain, you can't do that......And I would listen....
Until one day, I decided to take my life back. Take back myself.
I am grateful for the nice words:)
I went back to school to be a photographer, because I wanted to fulfil my dream of photographing women. Women of all shapes, sizes, backgrounds, faiths, occupations. I want to show all women that they are sexy sexual beings, and that its not shameful. Women are amazingly beautiful when they just let themselves be truly open.
The past nine years of business have been pretty amazing! I have been rewarded with international publication, working with amazing women, meeting new friends and traveling the country. I am grateful for what photography has brought to my life, and I am looking forward to seeing just where it will take me!  Getting portraits of my clients when they open up and are truly comfortable with themselves is what Boudoir is all about.  
Are you ready to open up? Are you ready to be free?

"Delain is amazing - she makes you feel so comfortable! You can tell she loves what she does - she had a big smile my entire session haha - thanks Delain!" Cortney


"The shoot with Delain was great. She's professional and just a truly delightful woman. The hair and makeup artist was like a magician. I love my pictures. I highly recommend Lady Luck Studios. 
Thank you!" Julia

"Delain was absolutely fantastic! She did my engagement and wedding pictures and they turned out amazing. Not only was she very professional and knowledgeable, but she was friendly and personable which made her very fun and easy to work with. I have nothing but good things to say about her and would recommend her in a heartbeat!" Katie and Chris

"We have just gone through all the pictures and they are FABULOUS!!!!!!!  Thank you so much, your eye for detail, composition and catching the moment is amazing!  We are so happy with our wedding pictures!" Harvey and Lao

" Not only is Delain an amazing photographer but a great person as well! I cant wait to work with her again. She took an experience that was out of my comfort zone and not only made me feel comfortable but made it fun! Her openness to my ideas and willingness to share hers resulted in an outstanding photo shoot. I am forever grateful, as is my husband" Kelly 


"Delain shot my boudoir photos before my wedding, the whole experience from step one made me feel comfortable and beautiful. Her professionalism put me at ease and she made the setting private and aesthetically pleasing. Her artistic vision once realized is now something that my husband and I can cherish for years to come. Thanks so much Delain!" Nicole

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